~~~ Our Monthly Notice ~~~
Sealed Envelopes: Files in this area are for Masons only and are sealed by Masonic information. Follow the instructions carefully.
Security method approved by Grand Lodge of Massachusetts 2003.
2ndΊ Protection Instructions

To our Members concerning the following:

ILLNESS OR DISTRESS – Please promptly apprise the Worshipful Master, Wardens or Secretary of any illness, distress, or need of Fraternal contact of which you may be aware.
TRANSPORTATION – The Worshipful Master and Wardens will arrange a ride for any Brother requesting transportation to the Lodge.
APPLICATIONS – The Master and Wardens will meet with any Brother who desires to present a prospective applicant for the degrees.
INFORMATION – To contact Fidelity Lodge to arrange for an application
or for any other reason, you may email our SECRETARY.
RESERVATIONS – To make dinner reservations before any meeting please call 781-662-0540 in advance.
COMMUNICATIONS – The Tuesday preceding the third Wednesday July and August excepted
REHEARSAL – It's always the first Monday before the meeting. Generally at 7:00 PM

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