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Are you interested in joining the greatest most widely accepted fraternity in the entire world?

Here are the basics, which should answer the most important questions for those that wish to join:

Freemasonry is truly a global fraternity that hold lodge meetings throughout the world. You'll find Masons meeting openly in almost every town and village and except where repressive governments make their existence difficult they are readily found. No lodge was ever organized as a result of any type of 'Missionary' work. They came into existence because a group of Masons wanted to share the friendship and fraternity with others of common moral character.

Often misunderstood is a simple fact that there are only a few but important requirements to become a member of the order of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF & AM). Any man that meets the basic requirements be he Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem or Eclectic is welcome to make application to join.

While the rules of application are stated in slightly different words in various jurisdictions as governed by the rules of their particular Lodge’s charter as issued by a local Grand lodge, they are basically as stated here:

Rt. Worshipful Paul M Carrol Senior
Lodge Master 2004-2006

The Requirements:
  • You must be a man, freeborn, of good repute and well-recommended;
  • hold a true belief in a Supreme Being;
  • have the ability to support one's self and family;
  • be of lawful age; and
  • come to Freemasonry of your "own free will and accord."

If you would like to learn more about Masonry or to become a Mason, contact any Mason or email the Fidelity Lodge SECRETARY.

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